Ideco Espejo

Houses never have enough storage space or mirrors.

Enough storage space to satisfy

Houses never have enough storage space or mirrors. At Muebles de cocina DOCA we have dealt with this by creating a wardrobe with a display cabinet door in mirrored glass incorporating a handle, but calm down, we haven’t gone back to the nineteenth century in terms of decoration.

Avant-garde design

Our Ideco Espejo wardrobe could not be further away from those out-dated closets which used to preside over Spanish bedrooms some years ago; the coplanar sliding doors and interiors in stained LAM oak give this wardrobe an avant-garde design making it the best furnishing accessory.

Mirrored glass doors create an effect of light and space, making the room seem larger. This is the ideal answer for more storage space without feeling as though the wardrobe dominates the whole room.

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