Leach Reflex

Contrasts and harmony, combining glass, steel and wood.

Warmth, design & elegance

Contrasts and harmony, combining glass, steel and wood. Muebles de cocina DOCA presents a spacious composition using elegant finishes, with this Formentera model wardrobe comprising swing doors and handles incorporated in the 45mm frame of the door. The black frame combines perfectly with the glass of the Reflex mirror model, whose special feature is allowing the inside to be seen once the interior light has been turned on, creating an attractive effect of light and shadows. The interior is in a Panga oak veneer finish which adds warmth, design and elegance to this wardrobe composition.

At Muebles de cocina DOCA we create innovative environments without losing practicality, which is enhanced even more by the quality materials used.

Breathes design and functionality

Organizing with DOCA is easy and is a synonym of the quality of life, and so we have lots of accessories to make this possible. Extremely functional and aesthetic accessories like trouser racks, skirt racks, pull-out metallic trays with dividers in veneer and lacquer, containers for shirts, tie racks, shoe racks etc, all arranged to guarantee order and convenience on a daily basis. Muebles de cocina DOCA pay attention to the tiniest details, offering their clients a wide range of handles for interior drawers with finishes as diverse as leather and chrome.

A composition which simply breathes design and functionality with a perfect combination of materials making a room warm and comfortable without losing the essence of design which characterizes our brand.

In the pursuit of imaginative solutions Muebles de cocina DOCA use different opening systems. Here we present sliding or coplanar doors giving smooth easy access to all areas.

The beauty of the materials used, and the refined design mean that we can exceed established aesthetic limits of the conventional vision of a wardrobe.